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Feeling love - OceanEye MALA.
Feeling love - OceanEye MALA.

Feeling love - OceanEye MALA

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Did you know ? It seems that it is the Mala who chooses you...

This Feeling love Mala - 108 beads - is made with 6 and 8mm high quality Pink and Red Aventurine, Selenite and sandalwood  beads (and a beautiful Light pink Quartz guru), knotted on a pure silk cord, with a pure silk pompon handmade. At the count of 54 beads you will find a 925 sterling silver  moon charm. 2 beautifull carved beads are in 925 sterling silver. 
This Unique Mala was designed and assembled in Switzerland.

Aventurine helps to express feelings of love. It is also said that it helps to better understand the feelings and emotions of others. It helps to find the path to happiness and encourages us to enjoy every moment that life offers us.

Keywords : love, happiness, empathy
Chakra : 4. Anahata | Heart


Selenite is used to purify the energy of a place of life. It has a powerful and peaceful energy. It is an aid to meditation because it brings great serenity to the person who wears it.

Keywords :  Purification, clarity, appeasement
Chakra : 7. crown | Sahasrara

Sandalwood  has been used for thousands of years in spiritual ceremonies. It has anti-stress power. By its delicate smell, it calms the mind and is conducive to meditation. Sandalwood opens the heart chakra, for constant, solid, vibrant love.

Keywords : Onyx Relaxing, anti-stress, meditation 
Chakra : 4. Anahata | Heart

You own an unique handmade mala infused with Soul and Love