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How to clean and recharge your Mala ?

How to clean and recharge your Mala ?

You have received your Mala or your semi-precious stone jewel. Now, it is important to be able to recharge and clean it to preserve its properties.



You can purify the stones with clear water, with salt, incense... be careful, it depends on the stones... We highly recommend purification with the palo santo stick or with sage. Indeed if we take the example of selenite, it will melt under water...


How to proceed ?

We use the smoke by burning dried sage or the sacred wood palo santo to purify the energy of a crystal.

To purify a crystal, carefully ignite the sacred wood or sage and place it on the abalone. Pass your crystal over the smoke to impregnate it. its smoke will recharge it.

Abalone is a shell who resists heat very well. However, we advise you to put it on a layer of sand as a precaution.



With Full moon

After purifying your mala, it will need to be recharged. We advise you to recharge it on a full moon night on the inside edge of your window, for example.

By Visualization

Purifying your crystals through visualization is also very effective. Choose a quiet place, sit down, your crystal in your hands, close your eyes and focus on him. In thought envelop it in a white light of energy.

If you are interested to proceed, we have a clean & purification kit on sale : 

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