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MALA - Its history - How to use it - How to store it

MALA - Its history - How to use it - How to store it

In Sanskrit 'Mala' means 'garland'. A complete Mala consists of 108 beads (of wood, precious stones, semi-precious stones, seeds) with traditional knots between each bead. This number is sacred and used in many cultures, but particularly in the Hindu tradition. The number comes from the multiplication of the 12 astrological houses by the 9 planets. Each Mala also has a Guru bead to remind us of the teachers in our lives.

For its use, choose a quiet place, sit in a comfortable position for meditation (for example Padmasana) sitting with your back straight on a cushion, your shoulders are relaxed, inhale and exhale slowly through your nose. Gently close your eyes.... The Mala is held by the right hand between the thumb and the middle finger and when each bead is slipped between the middle finger and the thumb, a mantra or a god is said/chanted in silence, in a low voice or in a loud voice.This is called JAPA meditation. It is said that the most powerful mantras are those that are repeated silently in the mind.This is done until we arrive at the bead of Guru which indicates the arrival or departure.If you proceed with a bracelet of 27 beads , you will need to repeat the process 3 times to get to 108.

Repeating a mantra in this way is a great way to calm the mind.

It is advisable to practice – meditate once a day for 40 consecutive days. Each day the mala becomes more powerful. Thus the Mala will be worn will transmit to its wearer the energies of the mantra, as well as the energetic qualities of the beads. Note that several Malas may be necessary because when you change the mantra, the energy is replaced. It is therefore recommended to use a new Mala for a new mantra.

It is possible to wear your Mala around your neck or wrapped around your wrist. You can also wear a mala bracelet around your wrist.

In the house, The Mala can be placed in a sacred place, in a clean and soothing place. It can also be stored in a box or a fabric pocket.

For the cleaning of the Mala and the purification of the place of life, you will find an article on this subject on this blog.