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Sunset Serenity Mala - OceanEye MALA.
Sunset Serenity Mala - OceanEye MALA.

Sunset Serenity Topaz and carnelian Mala - OceanEye MALA

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Did you know ? It seems that it is the Mala who chooses you...

The Sunset Serenity Mala is a unique and beautiful tool for promoting balance and healing throughout the body, mind, and spirit. Hand-knotted on a pure silk cord by Regina in Switzerland, this mala features 108 high-quality 8mm yellow topaz beads arranged in a gentle gradient, which stimulate and energize the solar plexus chakra.

The carnelian beads, which are also known as a stone of courage and vitality, are associated with the sacral chakra, located just below the navel. This chakra is responsible for our emotions, creativity, and sensuality. The faceted carnelian guru bead can be used as a focal point during meditation or intention-setting, helping to enhance these qualities within ourselves.

As you move through the mala, the 54th bead is marked by a sterling silver gold-plated moon charm, which represents the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. This chakra is associated with spiritual connection, intuition, and inner wisdom.

Overall, the Sunset Serenity Mala is a beautiful and powerful tool that can help to balance the energies of the solar plexus, sacral, and crown chakras, promoting a sense of inner peace, creativity, and spiritual connection.