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Sha~Sha "Yellow Fire Quartz" Smudging Ritual kit
Sha~Sha "Yellow Fire Quartz" Smudging Ritual kit

Smudge kit- Yellow Fire Quartz Feather Sage stick Palo santo Abalone Shell

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This Smudge kit is specially made for energetic cleansing, for general well-being, increasing energy and setting your intentions through the art of purification.

This ritual is practiced to purify the person, the environment and the objects with which we are in contact, thanks to an infinite flow of positive vibrations.

In this set, the four elements are represented: the shell symbolizes water, the match that ignites the incense is fire, the herbs and ashes are earth and finally smoke, the air element.

The kit contains:


Traditionally used in Native American purification rituals, it represents the element of water. Perfect for welcoming white sage, palo santo, incense and celebrating special moments.


Yellow Fire Quartz is a natural stone that is often used for energy purification and protection. When placed in a room, it can help eliminate negative energies that accumulate in the environment, promoting a more restful sleep and peaceful ambiance. Additionally, this stone can help stimulate self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as promote creativity and inspiration.

The purification kit with the Yellow Fire Quartz palm stone is an excellent choice for those seeking to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere in their home or meditation space.

WHITE SAGE with Rose Petal 9cm

Purification - Protection - Wisdom

Burning white sage is a rite of protection and purification. For centuries, many cultures have used sage leaves in their cleansing and healing rituals. An air-related element, it helps restore balance and positivity to your living space or any place laden with negativity.


Antistress - Luck - Love

Aromatic wood with lemon aromas. It gives off a fragrance that relieves anxiety, calms the mind and brings calm, ideally to burn before a meditation or yoga session.


Soothing - Cleansing - Balance

It is used to clean the energy of a place. It has a powerful and peaceful energy, ideal for meditation. Due to its self-cleaning properties, Selenite is indicated for recharging other natural stones.

FEATHER + a Smudging guide



The precious moonstone heart is wrapped in a pretty Sha Sha linen pouch bag.


We remind you that each crystal is unique, it can be different in shape, size and clarity. The color may also vary.