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Mystic Stripes - OceanEye MALA.
Mystic Stripes - OceanEye MALA.

Mystic Stripes Zebra Jasper - OceanEye MALA


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Did you know ? It seems that it is the Mala who choose you
The Mystic Stripes Mala is a powerful and striking tool for promoting balance and healing throughout the body, mind, and spirit. This mala is made with 8mm high-quality Zebra jasper beads, known for their grounding and centering properties, and matte faceted black onyx beads, which help to absorb negative energy and promote emotional balance.

The guru bead, made of a matte black onyx bead, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the mala. The little moon placed after the 54th bead and the accessories are made with sterling silver 925 with gold plated, adding a touch of beauty and luxury to the mala.

The yellow pompon and silk cord add a bright and cheerful element to the mala, making it a unique and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

As you move through the mala, the energy of the Zebra jasper and black onyx beads work to balance and ground your energy, helping you to feel centered and focused. This mala can be used during meditation or intention-setting to enhance these qualities within yourself.

Handcrafted by Regina in Switzerland using traditional methods, the Mystic Stripes Mala features a yellow silk cord and a pure handmade cotton tassel, making it a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that can also serve as a powerful healing tool.

Overall, the Mystic Stripes Mala is a powerful and striking tool that can help to balance and ground your energy, promoting emotional well-being, inner peace, and spiritual growth.
Size : 100cm
+pompon : 9cm
You own an unique handmade mala infused with Soul and Love