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Connection to Myself - OceanEye 108 MALA.
Connection to Myself - OceanEye 108 MALA.

Connection to Myself Amethyst and citrine Mala - OceanEye 108 MALA

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Did you know ? It seems that it is the Mala who chooses you...

This Connection to Myself Mala - 108 beads - is made with 8mm high quality Matte Amethyst beads, with a beautiful Faceted Citrine stone (guru bead) and a little brown amazonite knotted traditionally on a pure silk cord, with a pure cotton pompon handmade. At the count of 54 beads you will find a 925 sterling silver gold plated moon charm.
This Unique Mala was designed and assembled in Switzerland.

Amethyst is a crown chakra stone and also a 3rd eye stone. It allows you to connect to the magic in yourself. This stone radiates peace; it purifies the mind, soothes it and prepares it for meditation. It helps to get out of any addiction by helping to understand the reason.

Keywords : wisdom, spirituality, purification
Chakra : 7. Sahasrara | Crown

Citrine helps you shine your light brightly. It contains the power of the sun, it is a stone of success to wear during important interviews. Its vibrations encourage you to take a positive look at things and bring a breath of happiness.

Keywords : joye, success, achievement
Chakra : 3. Manipura | Solar Plexus


You own an unique handmade mala infused with Soul and Love