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Good fortune Bracelet “Melody Mantra” Collection - shashā jewellery
Good fortune Bracelet “Melody Mantra” Collection - shashā jewellery

Good fortune Bracelet “Melody Mantra” Collection

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“Good Fortune” bracelet Aquamarine 8mm

Meticulously crafted with faceted aquamarine rondelles and a central mantra bead of black wood engraved with symbols of good fortune.

Each aquamarine bead carries a refreshing energy, symbolizing tranquility and luck. Associated with the Throat Chakra, aquamarine is believed to enhance communication and bring about a sense of calm.

The black wood mantra bead adds a touch of spiritual significance, inviting good fortune into your life.

Adorned with additional elements, the chain features an onyx clover, an aquamarine bead, and a Tibetan bell, creating a harmonious blend of energies.

This unique piece is handcrafted with silk, 24k gold on silver, opal, and brass.

Adjustable from 16cm to 20cm

Each knot is tied manually with love.
Available in small batches 


Explore the magic of the « Melody Mantra » collection, where elegance merges with spirituality. Each of these adjustable bracelets, woven with silk thread, adorned with gemstones, and featuring 24k gold-plated accents on silver, reveals a delicate bell melody thanks to its round Tibetan bells.

The mantra beads, engraved with the Tibetan OM  « Om Mani Padme Hum » the six-syllable mantra is a very powerful mantra that has sacred power and can open a person's heart, enhance consciousness, and find peace. It is probably the most commonly used mantra in the world, and therefore has great power to provide blessings to all who recite this mantra.

The Carved bead « 招财进宝 » is an idiom, which refers to attracting wealth into the house in order to make a fortune, can be « treasure comes, enters the house » the powerful invocation of « Benevolent Abundance » weave a profound connection with meditation and good fortune.

These unique pieces also carry Tibetan bells adorned with symbolic eyes, adding a protective and purifying note. Immerse yourself in the ethereal harmony of the « Melody Mantra » collection, allowing each bracelet to tell a spiritual story through its exquisite details and subtle melody.