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"Restore" Hues of Harmony MALA.
"Restore" Hues of Harmony MALA.

Restore Japamala - white jade, Rudraksha and Palmwood

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Did you know ? It seems that it is the Mala who chooses you...

This Restore Mala - 108 beads - is made with 10 and 8mm high quality old Palm Wood, White Jade beads. The Guru bead is a beautiful Old Rudraksha oiled. Knotted on a pure silk cord, with a pure silk pompon handmade. At the count of 54 beads you will find a 925 sterling silver  moon charm.

This Unique Mala was designed and assembled in Switzerland.

Palm Wood beads are sought after for their many properties. Palmwood helps restore physical energy. It soothes and comforts us in times of sadness. It is linked to the root chakra which it opens.

Keywords : comfort, energy, quiet
Chakra : 1. Root | Muladhara


White Jade It is the stone of balance and happiness. It harmonizes relationships. Helps to find inner peace thus promoting meditation. It promotes luck and brings good luck when it is placed in your interior.

Keywords : harmony, serenity, optimism
Chakra : 4. Heart | Anahata

Rudracksha Legend has it that Shiva once sat down to meditate for a long time. His ecstasy was such that it made him absolutely still, motionless. Apparently he wasn't even breathing and everyone thought he was dead. There was only one sign of life: the tears of ecstasy streaming from her eyes. These tears fell to the earth and became Rudraksha, "the tears of Shiva". The five sided Rudraksha bead is said to harmonize the 7 chakras. The Rudrakshas represent the meditative powers of Shiva: helps focus the mind, eliminates the demons of desire, lust and attachment.

Keywords : meditatin, detachment, harmony
Chakra : all

Furnitures : Sterling silver, Silk cord and pompon, Rudraksha ,Palm Wood and white jade

Handcrafted manually in Switzerland with love